When I Keep on Holding my Phone

What will happen to me if I keep on holding my phone tight as if I am living in another planet where I should not be bothered by someone because I am with my phone? My phone is very precious that I do not want to let it go out of my fingers and my sight.

Will I not fall into an accident?

If you do not focus on your way and just watch your phone for whatever your reason is. You will surely be facing a trouble

You will be bumping with someone, you will fall into a pit, something might prick you but. Like this, phones can give us unpleasant experience. If you have to touch your phone because something is very urgent, it would be better to stop on a safe place first.

Will I be not be isolated from other people?

Sometimes, if you keep on looking at your phone, your friends will surely be pissed off for what you are doing. People who you are close to will surely dislike you being like that


Will I be able to face my priorities?

Of course, phone is very important in some aspects, but if you do not pay attention to things that you have to do but get distracted by your phone, you will surely lose the things that are prepared for you. You will not be able to be satisfied with who you are.

Will I not be lonely?

If you focus on your phone, it is natural that you will  be lonely because no one would like to talk to you when you want to talk.