The cool android apps best recommended for you

Applications nowadays are a big hit and many small and big ones were being discovered every day. Many entrepreneurs or high tech people create application sthat can be for business or non-commercial use that can be for everyday life. They can be simple or complicated ones. Some apps can have small memory to occupy but others need big memory data. As there are many apps, it can be confusing what to choose and what you really need. In this article, we will share some of the cool android apps that you can try.

As you can watch in the video clip they give ten cool apps that you can choose from. There is the video editing app that google itself has created. It is recommended by the person in the video as he himself appreciate all the features of the app. Another app that amazon promotes is the barcode scanner app but also has some other features that it is not just a barcode scanner. Another featured app is the note as an organizer. It is very useful as you can have many task and appointments to remember.

As you are the one who will use these apps you are the one who should decide what are the apps that really suits your needs. Even if they are recommended it is totally up to you what to choose among them. If you want more information and tips about android and phone just visit the site and we will share with you what we know.