Digital Age: The Necessity of Phones

This age is the digital age when new inventions are popping out. Now, we have to go with the flow of our generation. The most significant is the value of phone. Our phone is one body with us that without phone, we feel hopeless. Without phone, life will be very hard. “How can I live without phone?”

Why do you have to buy a phone?

For communication purposes

Of course, this is the first and foremost purpose of buying a phone.

Whatever phone that is, as long as you can send text messages to someone, everything will be okay. For as long as your phone is not malfunctioning so that it refuses to receive messages, it is very good.

For studying purposes

Smart phones are very helpful to students in studying. Software will provide the quality service that you need. If you need to know something, you can just click your phone and there you will learn. You might want to use a dual booting, the Android iPhone for more convenience.

For Recording Documents

This is very important for all of us. In this way, we can keep records that are as important as our food. These documents can be secured if you want to keep your record privately. In my phone, I keep my private files like letters, literary works and even journal.

For “Yourself and others”

All smartphone users are using the term selfie. I am not into this kind of fun but I find smartphones very important in taking views of something good to look at—natural views and beautiful attractions.